Monday, December 8, 2008

Cancer & Organic Textiles

This article is written with the deepest respect for anyone suffering from cancer or any degenerative disease. It aims to present a perspective that is not readily found and may be helpful to some.

Most people will readily accept the notion that if they wear a nylon or other synthetic shirt on a hot day, they are likely to sweat. Even conventional doctors will usually recommend cotton clothing to a sick person. It is simply better for us.

Scientists tell us that matter is ultimately only energy (or vibration) that we perceive to be solid and various natural therapists have established, each in their own ways, that our physical body vibrates in a more natural, more life-sustaining way when it is exposed to natural substances. Conversely, when it is exposed to synthetic materials, it vibrates in ways that increase the potential for disease.

This way of thinking is fundamental for natural therapists and probably finds general acceptance amongst most of the conventional medical community as well. The difference is that natural therapists generally endorse holistic, non-invasive treatments of dis-ease, whereas conventional doctors tend to resort to invasive treatments from the outset.

In the case of cancer, invasive treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery seem to work in a number of cases. I know a number of people who had those treatments and are alive years later. Whether other treatments would have been equally successful can be argued and certainly I know a number of people who cured cancer holistically.
The point of this article is that anyone suffering from cancer, regardless of their method of treatment, will benefit from surrounding themselves with natural, chemical-free fibres. This applies to both clothing and bedding… especially bedding!!! We spend so much of our lives in bed and even more so when sick or convalescing.

A prominent environmental scientist, Kim Muhlen, BApSc., Director of the former “Healthy Dwelling” in Melbourne, explained to me some time ago that when we lie in bed we generate a lot of heat and that heat acts like a catalyst in a chemical reaction, causing minute traces of chemicals in synthetic materials to vaporise and to be ingested into the human system. In the case of a sick person or infant aged 1-12months, the ability to deal with these impurities is greatly reduced.

At Blessed Earth, we deal with chemically sensitive people on a daily basis and we know full well the problems traces of chemicals can cause to them. These people are like the mine canaries telling us things aren’t right through their allergic reactions. Others silently accumulate toxins until their system breaks down in one form of degenerative disease or another.

In our society, the use of chemicals is so entrenched that the organics movement has had to evolve to the point that it can offer aware consumers safe alternatives. It has been necessary to establish an alternative bureaucratic system.

There will surely come a time, perhaps not in our lifetime, when there will be zero tolerance on chemicals. We will look back on this current period of human devolution in dismay that we could have been collectively so stupid, while imagining ourselves to be so smart.

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