Friday, October 31, 2008

November is USA Month!!

November is a special time in USA, with Independence Day and elections that hold the promise of ushering in a new era.
The collapse of the Aussie dollar, from 98cents a month ago to around 60cents at the time of writing, has made Blessed Earth’s products incredibly good value for you and we invite all interested Americans to consider the following:
  • Free delivery during November*. That’s right, you pay no postage. Your goods will be sent by trackable Express Post International and will arrive within a week to most destinations. If necessary, we can stagger your deliveries.
  • The finest wool bedding range in the world.
Don’t believe us? Then consider these facts:
  1. It is fully certified by Demeter, a world first. That’s right, every step of the process from growing the wool on a Bio-dynamic farm; to scouring with organic, biodegradable detergents; to carding the wool in a pristine environment; to manufacturing to meticulous standards; and even to our retail operation – all phases have been rigorously inspected.
  2. Most wool bedding manufactures randomly smoosh slivers of wool into the outside cover then sew it down. Our wool is layered and will not go lumpy.
  3. Our quilts require only vertical (not diamond) sewing, meaning less heat loss and greater flexibility – a softer, more efficient product.
  4. Our toppers (under-blankets) can be made to a whopping 1500gsm. They are almost a mattress in themselves!!!
  5. People rave about our pillows as having just the right combination of give and support.

We also make in Australia a comprehensive range of underwear and other Demeter certified items. Please refer to the website (*This offer does not apply to mattresses or bed-linen.)

We welcome your feedback on the service we offer and look forward to hearing from you soon…

Raithe Handiman for Blessesearth
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